Road Rash

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road rash motorcycle cartoon by harry martin

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Christmas on a Concours

Santa riding a Kawasaki Councours C10 through the snow.

Christmas on a Concours. To my motorcycle friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep the rubber side down and safe driving.

Road Rash

Taking ownership of a Kawasaki Concours C10

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon #2

I agreed to take ownership without a test ride. Owner would not let me take it for a test spin. Would you? Had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t really know anything about the bike. All I knew for sure was, I wanted a big bike with a fairing and a lot of power.

Harry Martin Cartoons Road Rash cartoon #2 Taking Ownership
Taking ownership has hidden surprises!

Driving the motorcycle on the way home, I discover problems. The bottom of the tank had a slurry of rusty water and the owner said the tank was topped off. It wasn’t. I ran out of fuel on the way home. I found myself coasting down a big hill until I found a gas station. Lucky me. After getting home, I proceeded to learn the truth about the bike.