Taking ownership of a Kawasaki Concours C10

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon #2

I agreed to take ownership without a test ride. Owner would not let me take it for a test spin. Would you? Had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t really know anything about the bike. All I knew for sure was, I wanted a big bike with a fairing and a lot of power.

Harry Martin Cartoons Road Rash cartoon #2 Taking Ownership
Taking ownership has hidden surprises!

Driving the motorcycle on the way home, I discover problems. The bottom of the tank had a slurry of rusty water and the owner said the tank was topped off. It wasn’t. I ran out of fuel on the way home. I found myself coasting down a big hill until I found a gas station. Lucky me. After getting home, I proceeded to learn the truth about the bike.

My second motorcycle

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon #1.

My first motorcycle was a Honda CM400T. Wish I still had it as it was not a powerful motorcycle, but it was a lot of fun to ride. I rode it during my college years, then stopped riding until many years later. A friend of mine bought a BMW and that reignited the spark that got me back into motorcycling. After college and getting married, I started looking around and sure enough, I started bidding for a Kawasaki Concours ZG1000 motorcycle on eBay. That was a mistake.

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon by Harry Martin

I noticed the mileage on the odometer and immediately purged myself from the bidding. In the end, I purchased a used Connie (C10) from a local seller. Soon after I purchased the bike, I joined The Concours Owners Group and became member #4090, where I am an Industry member even today.