Run With The Wolf

Run With The Wolf t-shirt design

This design was based on a request to deliver a unique design for the 2019 Run With The Wolf motorcycle rally by Kawasaki Concours enthusiasts. I came up with this idea of using a wheel with past design images laid in between the spokes. The title and 25th anniversary were placed on the tire to look like raised letters. Finally, the Concours Owners Group logo was placed in the center.


Viking hang glider pilot

My newest t-shirt design. VIKING – In the way olden days, sometime between pterodactyls and Otto Lilienthal, there was a time when the sky was ruled by flying Norsemen wielding battle axes and drinking huge quantities of ale, and telling stories about flying across the oceans to conquer distant lands.

But then came the day, a jealous Odin took revenge and smited away the fair skies, thermals, and other means of Viking recreation. Over time, they had forgotten the ancient ways, and missing the recreational activities that made them so famous, designed and built lumbering sailing ships and were forced to sail in dangerous waters to those distant lands.

Now, if you are lucky, you can find a small population of descendants reliving the ancient ways, flying hang gliders across Scandinavian islands, in search of more Viking recreation. The symbols below the glider are the Rune Long Branch symbols for “Viking”.

Floki would be proud.

You can find the shirt at my store.

Cloudbase Foundation

The Cloudbase Foundation

One of my favorite charities is the Cloudbase Foundation. The Cloudbase Foundation is a non-profit organization of hang glider and paraglider pilots formed to assist children in the United States and around the world where ever we fly. My latest t-shirt design helps support those efforts. This design was done for the Rainbow Room in Big Spring, Texas along with the 2018 Big Spring Nationals, a big hang gliding event. See the Oz Report for more information. If you are unable to attend the event to get a shirt, you can purchase a copy from my store. Thanks!

2018 Big Spring Nationals


Road Rash Cartoon Book

Road Rash Cartoon Book

Cover art for Harry Martin Cartoons Road Rash Cartoon book now on sale at Amazon.

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons – The Book!

Seventeen years in the making. This book is a collection of cartoon strips that were published monthly for seventeen years in publications such as The Concourier, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, Go for a Ride, and RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine. Follow the author as he explores the fun and misadventures of riding motorcycles in many different situations. Bugs, Mother Nature, fellow riders, and mechanical problems make up some of the many situations motorcycle riders find themselves in, resulting in mental and physical road rash. The humorous side of motorcycling is explored on the back of a sport touring bike from the very first ride to the present. The collection contains single panel strips and full page cartoons.The book is available from Amazon, or if you buy it from me directly, you will pay slightly more, but I will autograph the book for you.

Road Rash Cartoon Book inside pages



It’s a simple formula; cow + rice burner = Cowasaki. If pigs can fly, then cows can ride.  I’ve seen a few of these type cartoons on the Internet and didn’t like any of them, so I came up with my own version.


I’m sure glad cows can’t fly

I ride a Kawasaki Concours C14. Wonderful bike and way more power than I will ever need. It just flys down the open slab. I’m not sure which I like better, hang gliding or motorcycling. Each has it’s own rewards and dangers. Each requires great skill and prescense of mind to stay alive. It’s all good.

Cool Stuff with this cartoon Image | The Cowasaki cartoon COLLECTION


Wyoming Prairie Dogs and how to keep them off the road

The problem: Prairie Dogs

Now that winter has passed, we have a new road hazard. Prairie dogs. Each summer, the road becomes littered with wandering prairie dogs. They have absolutely no fear of moving vehicles. They will either run into the path of a vehicle or just stand there and let themselves be flattened without even flinching. If you try and dodge these critters, you could end up in a wreck from trying to swerve. It’s best to just keep moving and try not to think about it. Harry Martin Cartoons Prairie Dog Plow

The solution: WYDOT Prairie Dog Plow

By swapping out the winter snow plow for the summer prairie dog plow, WYDOT hopes to keep the carnage to a minimum. You can help by slowing down. Watch for wildlife. Be safe and be aware. Safe driving to all.

Legal Statement

No prairie dogs were harmed in the production of this cartoon.

Cool Stuff with this cartoon Image | The Prairie Dog Plow COLLECTION