Ideas – I have no idea where they come from, but the sites listed below help spark new ideas. Brainstorming a spark leads to more ideas, and so it goes.

Brainstorming – ‘Brainstorm’ originally meant a fit of temporary insanity—a definition that’s still in our dictionary today.


  • Oz Report – Blog and forum featuring near instantaneous world wide coverage of free flight activities. My free flight cartoons appear there once in a while.
  • Hang Gliding Forum – Almost every topic about hang gliding. Fodder for more ideas.
  • Center Of Lift (COL) – Free flight site where you can subscribe to their excellent newsletter.


  • Concours Owners Group (COG) Forum – Everything about the Kawasaki Concours. I ride a Kawasaki C14, so you can find me there quite often. They publish my crazy cartoons in a magazine called the Concourier.
  • – Cool motorcycle stuff presented in an entertaining way. I subscribe to their notifications because they often spark good ideas.


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