Run With The Wolf

Run With The Wolf t-shirt design This design was based on a request to deliver a unique design for the 2019 Run With The Wolf motorcycle rally by Kawasaki Concours enthusiasts. I came up with this idea of using a wheel with past design images laid in between the spokes. The title and 25th anniversary […]


My newest t-shirt design. VIKING – In the way olden days, sometime between pterodactyls and Otto Lilienthal, there was a time when the sky was ruled by flying Norsemen wielding battle axes and drinking huge quantities of ale, and telling stories about flying across the oceans to conquer distant lands. But then came the day, […]

Cloudbase Foundation

The Cloudbase Foundation One of my favorite charities is the Cloudbase Foundation. The Cloudbase Foundation is a non-profit organization of hang glider and paraglider pilots formed to assist children in the United States and around the world where ever we fly. My latest t-shirt design helps support those efforts. This design was done for the […]

Road Rash Cartoon Book

Cover art for Harry Martin Cartoons Road Rash Cartoon book now on sale at Amazon. Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons – The Book! Seventeen years in the making. This book is a collection of cartoon strips that were published monthly for seventeen years in publications such as The Concourier, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, Go for a Ride, […]


Cowasaki It’s a simple formula; cow + rice burner = Cowasaki. If pigs can fly, then cows can ride.  I’ve seen a few of these type cartoons on the Internet and didn’t like any of them, so I came up with my own version. I’m sure glad cows can’t fly I ride a Kawasaki Concours […]