Viking hang glider pilot

My newest t-shirt design. VIKING – In the way olden days, sometime between pterodactyls and Otto Lilienthal, there was a time when the sky was ruled by flying Norsemen wielding battle axes and drinking huge quantities of ale, and telling stories about flying across the oceans to conquer distant lands.

But then came the day, a jealous Odin took revenge and smited away the fair skies, thermals, and other means of Viking recreation. Over time, they had forgotten the ancient ways, and missing the recreational activities that made them so famous, designed and built lumbering sailing ships and were forced to sail in dangerous waters to those distant lands.

Now, if you are lucky, you can find a small population of descendants reliving the ancient ways, flying hang gliders across Scandinavian islands, in search of more Viking recreation. The symbols below the glider are the Rune Long Branch symbols for “Viking”.

Floki would be proud.

You can find the shirt at my store.